Dive Sites

The following is a list of some of the sites that we visit, and information thereon. If you know of other sites that could be added to this list, please let us know!

This page is currently under construction and additional information being added. last updated 15-02-2011

Portland Area
Portland Lee Breakwater   (More Info)   Shore Dive      
North Shore   (More Info)   Shore or Boat      
Portland Bay Reef   (More Info)   Boat      
The Emily 'S' Wreck   (More Info)   Boat      
Minerva Reef   (More Info)   Shore or Boat      
Lighthouse Reef   (More Info)   Shore or Boat      
Lighthouse Reef / New Zealander Wreck   (More Info)   Shore or Boat      
Saxon Reef   (More Info)   Boat      
Pivot Beach / Crumpet Beach   (More Info)   Shore      
Lawrence Rocks ("Gardens Delight")   (More Info)   Boat      
The Nursery   (More Info)   Boat      
Cape Nelson   (More Info)   Boat      
Cape Bridgewater   (More Info)   Boat      
Warrnambool Area
Middle Island   (More Info)   Shore      
Stingray Bay   (More Info)   Shore      
Thunder Point   (More Info)   Shore / Boat      
Eagle Rock   (More Info)   Boat Dive      
La Bella Wreck   (More Info)   Boat Dive (Wreck)      
Hellen Rock   (More Info)   Boat Dive      
The Banks   (More Info)   Boat Dive      
Pickering Point   (More Info)   Shore Dive      
Loch Ard Wreck (Port Campbell)       Boat Dive (Wreck)      
Schomberg (Pt Campbell)       Boat Dive (Wreck)  
Falls of Halladale (Peterborough)       Boat Dive (Wreck)  
Queenscliffe Area
The Cottage       Shore  
HMAS Canberra       Boat (Wreck)  
HMAS J1 Submarine       Boat (Wreck)  
HMAS J4 Submarine       Boat (Wreck)  
Mt Gambier Area
Ewens Ponds       Land (Open Water)  
Kilsbys   (More Info)   Land (Deep Cavern / Sinkhole)  
The Shaft   (More Info)   Land (Deep Cavern / Sinkhole)  
One Tree   (More Info)   Land (Deep Cavern / Sinkhole)  
Little Blue   (More Info)   Land (Deep Cavern / Sinkhole)  
Picinninni Ponds   (More Info)   Land (Deep Cavern / Sinkhole)  
Englebrechts East   (More Info)   Land (Cave)  
Alendale East   (More Info)   Land (Cave)  
Bakers Cave       Land (Cave)  
Pines Cave   (More Info)   Land (Cave / Advanced Cave)  
Iddlebiddy       Land (Advanced Cave)  
Englebrechts West       Land (Advanced Cave)  
Tank Cave   (More Info)   Land (Advanced Cave)  
Additional Dive Sites
SS President Coolidge - Santo, Vanuatu   (More Info)   Shore Dive (Wreck) - Santo, Vanuatu  
SS Tucker - Santo, Vanuatu       Boat Dive - Santo, Vanuatu  
HMAS Hobart (Yankalilla SA)       Boat Dive (Wreck)  




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