Who Are We

Who Are We

Waves n Caves is just a site to help promote the diving sport. The idea is to have a common place where people with common interests in diving can share ideas, inform others of dives they have planned, and help to organise events.

We are not a club, and we don't organise events ourselves. We do pass on information for what others have organised (including individuals and clubs).

Most of our interested parties are located at the South Western parts of Victoria and South East South Australia, such as the towns and surrounding district of Horsham, Warrnambool and Mt Gambier - however we do have people involved from further afar, including Tasmania and Western Australia.

Mt Gambier, and the surrounding areas are commonly visited for Cavern, Sinkhole and Cave Diving. But don't let the name fool you! While many are interested in cave diving, just as much enthusiasm goes into Open Water diving! Also enjoyed are other dive sites along the Victorian Coastline extending from the border down to Queenscliffe (including dives on the Lonsdale Wall, Submarines, Lochard Wreck, Warrnambool & Portland dive sites, etc).

Previous trips have included the Nullabour Cave systems, Batemans Bay, Whyalla (for the giant cuttlefish), as well as some international sites (a few favourites been Truk (or Chuuk) lagoon, and the Coolage in Vanuatu) to name a few. And - there are plenty who get excited at the concept of a Cray dive or two!

A dive trailer has also been purchased by some of our affiliates complete with it's own Air compressor that allows for refills while remote. The owners have also undergone Nitrox Filling Training, and if kindly asked, maybe able to provide remote nitrox refills at remote sites. (Requests in advance for Nitrox fills are advised!)

There are a range of qualifications from Open Water through to Cave Diving. Obviously, not everyone can come on all dives if the dive planned requires additional training that some may not have, but an effort is made to have a variety of dives that will allow everyone to enjoy dives to the level they are qualified.

In short - this is just a common website where ordinary people, that enjoy diving in all aspects and are more than happy for others to join, can advertise where they're next planning to dive (or share photo's and stores of previous dives) and help to promote the sport.

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