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Home to the Warrnambool Sub Aqua Club, Warrnambool hosts a number of nice dive sites, although there aren't too many (known) well sheltered dive sites, so look for favorable conditions when visiting for diving.

It is a great place to visit, and many holidayers seek this popular tourist attraction during the summer holidays. Keep this in mind however, as the town gets quite congested during these times, and parking at some locations may become limited.

It is highly advised that not familiar with diving in this area check with the locals about currents, tides and regulations. (As mentioned, the Warrnambool Sub Aqua Club is active in this area, and is a great asset for information on dives in this area. A number of members of the WSAC are active on our mailing list and Forum, where more information can be found).

We apologies as photo's of these locations are sparse, but will be posted here as they become available. (If you have any available, please contact us and let us know).


Site: Middle Island
Type: Shore
Depth: up to 10m
Dive: Beginner - (Snorkelling too)
Location: Middle Island (Penguine Island)
GPS: E 142°28' 17.25" | S 38° 24' 09.62"

The reef behind middle island (which is accessable between two islands at Stingray bay - a family swimming beach) has a bit to offer for the general diver.

This shore dive starts between the two islands,


where there is a varying bottom, with rocks ranging from the surface to around 3m. As you swim out and around the island to the south, the depth quickly drops until it meets around 10-12 metres. Middle Island offers lots of swim throughs, and there are a variety of marine life here including stingrays and crays. Plenty of fish are also returning now that it is part of the Merri Marine Sanctuary.

Diving here can range from easy to intermediate, depending on the tide, swell and weather. This are can be quite dangerous if the sea is rough, with strong currents and surge when wells are up! It is best dived when the wind is comming from the North and the swell is very low.

This area also offers some nice views for snorkelers for this part of the state, and is debatably one of the best shore dives that Warrnambool has to offer in the right conditions.

Car parks are plentiful around Stingray bay, but so are the visitors during the summer school holidays. A toilet block around 100m away offers fresh cold water showers, and a place to change. You will need to walk around 70 metres across the sand to get to your dive point, and just before the dive entry point, will cross a small channel.



Site: Stingray Bay
Type: Shore
Depth: 4m-10m
Dive: Beginner - (Snorkelling too)
Location: Stingray Bay (Penguine Island)
GPS: E 142°28' 24.59" | S 38° 24' 08.05"

Stingray bay is in the same location as middle island, but instead of going out through the islands, you dive in the bay (popular swimming beach), and may your way around the island to the left.


This location is more sheltered, and safer than between the islands, and can be a good alternative to middle island if diving between the islands looks too rough.

The bay is sandy, and relatively shallow and as the name suggests, ray's can be found, but as you get out and around the point a bit more, it drops deeper, offering kelp and a rocky terrain.

You would park and enter the beach the same you do for middle island diving, so the facilities are no different.


Site: Thunder Point
Type: Shore / Boat
Depth: 5m-20m
Dive: Beginner - Intermediate
Location: Follow the signs.
GPS: E 142°27.798 | S 38° 23.974

This location has one of the most rugged terrains available at Warrnambool, but diving can only be done in very good conditions. This location is on the edge of the marine sanctuary so know where you are before taking crays or fish.


Eagle Rock
Type: Boat
Depth: N/A
Dive: Open Water
Location: 400m West of Thunder Point
GPS: E 142° 26.944 | S 38° 23.477

Like thunder point, Eagle rock shares the rugged terrain, but diving can only be done in good conditions. This area has plenty of native marine life.


Site: The La Bella Wreck
Type: Boat
Depth: 15m
Dive: Open Water
Location: La Bella Reef - Approx 150m from the Breakwater
GPS: E 142°29.140 | S 38° 24.220

This location holds what's left of the cargo ship that sank in 1905. (7 out of the 12 souls lost there life here). There arevery little artifacts


remaining on this wreck.



Site: Hellen Rock
Type: Boat
Depth: 20m
Dive: Beginner
Location: Off Killarney approx 1km out to sea.
GPS: E 142°22.204 | S 38° 22.010

Hellen Rock is a photographers dream location, with fantastic marine life in this area. The rock extends from 20m deep to just under 2 m from


the surface. Good conditions are required to dive this site.


Site: The Banks
Type: Boat
Depth: 10m/20m/30m
Dive: Beginner+
Location: Off from the Hopkins river
GPS: E 142°29.440 | S 38° 25.648

The banks have several large drop-offs that go in steps of either 10m-20m, or 10m-30m, and can offer a fun dive. Good conditions are required to dive this location.


Site: Pickering Point
Type: Shore
Depth: 5m-20m
Dive: Beginner
Location: Follow the signs.
GPS: E 142°28.149 | S 38° 24.042

Pickering point slopes from 5m close to shore, to approx 20m around 200m off shore. Good conditions are required to dive this location.


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