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The Pines is a cave situated in the middle of the Pine forest approxamately 20 minutes west from Mt Gambier.


The Pines is a popular dive for Cave and Penetration divers. Acces to the site is easy, with a park bench next to the cave enterance, and parking available within feet of the bench.

The water is extremely clear, but can be stirred up by other divers due to it's popularity. The first part of the cave has many swimthroughs and rockfalls making this a great place to explore.

Down the back wall of the main cave part is a small restriction that leads into the penetration rated part of the cave. (A sign is posted here warning cave divers not to proceed). The penetration part opens up into tunnelways further below, with the CCR room (Crazy Check's Room - a room discovered by some Checkloslavakia divers at 40m).

The Pines is a dual CDAA Cave / Penetration rated site, with a maximum depth of around 43 meters.


Depth: ~43m
Dive: CDAA Cave / Penetration. Twins required
Location: Approx 20mins west of Mt Gambier
Links: CDAA Site Info

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