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Englebrechts starts off as a sinkhole in the middle of Mt Gambier , where there are two openings at the bottom leading into caves. (One to the east, and the other to the west).

This site, like most cave sites in the area has extremely clear water allowing for virtually unlimited visibility. The site however is quite shallow.

Englebrechts East is a Cave rated site, with a maximum depth of around 5 to 6 meters.

Englebrecths West is a Penetration (Advanced Cave) rated site, that is also quite shallow.

Both dives (East and West) have dry air chambers, and low lining flatteners which are quite silty on the floor. Additional care must be taken when diving through this area in order to not black the place out.

The entrance to the site is behind an information kiosk, where you follow stairs down into the sinkhole, which has been beautifully gardened. Down at the base of the sinkhole are locked doors that lead into the dry cave areas, and there is a further walk through a lit board walk before reaching the water.

The dive requires good buoyancy and anti silt techniques. It is interesting to be diving through these isolated submerged caves, realising that business is going on as usual above you in the city, even though you feel worlds away.

There are toilets at the top of the sinkhole, and a bench next to the road (only a few meters from the toilets) to gear up on. The key must be obtained from the Lady Nelson information center to access this site.

Guided tours of the dry cave area are also undertaken here at this site.


Depth: 5-6m
Dive: CDAA Cave / Penetration. Twins required
Location: Middle of Mt Gambier on Millicent Rd.
Links: CDAA Site Info
Englebrechts video

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