Here is a list of some services that we use and have found valuable that may be of assistance to other divers.

Learning to Dive   Servicing & Repairs

Garinda Dive Instruction

Run by Gary Barclay and Linda Claridge. They specialise in a variety of dive courses from Open Water through to Cave and other technical courses. Includes PADI, SSI, TDI and CDAA. Located in Warrnambool they service the South West of Victoria, and South East of South Australia.

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Located in Adelaide Scubacom provides a variety of equipment services including 1st and 2nd stage regulators, BCD's, Cylinder tests (hydrostatic test and valve services), AGA equipments, Drysuits and Sharkshields. Fore more information, visit their website.


Tank Fills
  Tank Servicing


Freddy & Brett have a dive trailer that fills tanks at 18cuft / min. Normally located at Freddy's place (Horsham) they provide very good tank fills to the maximum capacity of your tanks. Nitrox fills are also available.

Freddy also has available for hire a 300m high pressure fill whip, handy at places such as the Nullabor.



Once a year we arrange for tanks to be transported and tested from Horsham. The average cost per tank is around $40 which includes hydro and freight. We normally test between 20 and 40 tanks each time. If you would like to be notified when we do our next tank tests contact Adam, or join the mailing list or forum.

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