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Alendale cave is situated in a unique location, being right in the middle of the Mt Gambier - Port McDonald highway (with the lanes splitting, and going around each side of the cave) at the South side of the Alendale East township.

Originally, the road used to pass right over the opening to this cave, but after 2 collapses, the authorities gave up, and made the road pass to each side.

The water is extremely clear, but also quite dark, as it has only a small entrance to the underwater environment. The cave is relatively small (35 meters to the back wall), and approximately 28m deep. The cave extends steeply from the entrance to a large room near the end of the cave. The dive requires good buoyancy and anti silt techniques - especially at the entrance, and the downhill slope, where it's easy to drag your fins along the floor if you're not paying attention.

Close parking can be found down an embankment next to the road, and toilets facilities are approximately 150m away next to the local recreational (cricket / football) grounds.

There are toilet facilities about 100 yards away from the cave entranceat a recreational cricket park. A key to open the gate to the cave must be obtained from the Lady Nelson information center to access this site.

Depth: ~28m
Dive: CDAA Cave. Twins required
Location: Middle of Road - Alendale East.

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