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Little blue sinkhole is located approamately 10 mins South West of Mt Gambier. This dive site has a depth of around 40 meters, with an undercut going back under the road near the bottom.

The visibility is normally poor, but can clear up below 20m. Even with poor vis, little blue is a facinating dive, with all the rubbish that has been dumped over the years being rearranged by divers to perform a display of a car with a fuel pump, road & roadwork signs and witches hats. Other forms of rubbish also lie about, including a bicycle which a few have taken up the challenge to ride it at depth, and a fridge at the back under the road.

The site has easy access from the roadside, with a bench nearby which comes in handy for gearing up. A cemented staircase leads to a ramp and a wooden pontoon which you can enter and exit the water from.

Care should be taken on the ramp of the pontoon which has become quite steep of late, since the drought, and the lowering of the water level.

The site is open for all to swim in, but a sinkhole rating is required for scuba diving.

Depth: 40m
Dive: CDAA Sinkhole required.
Location: 10 mins South West of Mt Gambier
Links: CDAA Site Info
Other: No bookings are required to access the site. Access is freely available to all current CDAA members to dive without prior arrangement.

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