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Kilsby's is a sinkhole situated on a farmers property approximately 10 minutes south west from Mt Gambier. This spectacular sinkhole starts with the surface around 20 metres in diameter and a 10m drop from the surface to the water.

The site contains extremely clear water allowing for virtually unlimited visibility, with the site being in excess of 60 metres deep, with 40m being the maximum depth allowed for divers.

A few swimthroughs, with sculptured and scalloped limestone walls, and a magestic and breathtaking view when looking up towards the pontoon from the back corner of the cavern at 40m makes this one of the best fresh water sites you could ever dive!

A cut ramp with stairs, and 2 ladders leads down to a large pontoon at the water. The pontoon is fitted with chairs, which make for a good spot to sit with your gear on after a dive, to rest up and lower any potential chance of the bends, before climbing up the ladder and stairpath.

This dive is a relatively easy dive, although twins are a requirement. There are some dangers with the site that are easilly avoidable once they're understood, thus a minimum of a CDAA sinkhole dive rating is required for entry to this site. Entry to the site has strict protocols that must be adhered to, which can be found when making an online booking through the CDAA website.

There are no facilities at this dive site. Divers are required to leave the site at the end of the morning's dive and come back at the alloted time in the afternoon if diving all day.


Depth: 60m+ (Dives permitted to a max of 40m)
Dive: CDAA Sinkhole required. Twins required
Location: 10 mins South West of Mt Gambier
Links: CDAA Site Info
Other: Access to site via online booking only via CDAA website. See CDAA's webpage for more information.

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