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Welcome to Waves n Caves - How to Register
« on: November 17, 2010, 10:22:52 AM »
Welcome to the Waves n Caves forum.

This forum is run by the Waves n Caves team and caters for those interested in Open Water and Cave diving, as well as dry caving (Spelunking). Most of our group currently consists of members in the Mt Gambier Region, Adelaide and Western Victoria, but we have members further abroad including WA and Tasmania.

This is for Waves n Caves members to be able to discuss information regarding to diving, etc amongst members and friends with similar interests. All who can show respect to others on a forum are welcome to join.

Registration is a requirement.

Please note: This is a private forum - and posts / threads are not available to the general public or guests. You must be registered to view these.

Due to active 'spambots' we have disabled the online registration process. Instead we have made the registration process easier.

If you would like to have access to the forums, simply send an email to and include:

Your Real Name
The Username you would like to have
Password. (You can choose a temporary password, and change it yourself after the forum is activated if you wish).
Your Home Town
Your reason for wanting access? (Do you dive in the area, know members, are part of an affiliated club, etc). 

We will create your account, and activate it for you. This simplifies the registration process and also helps to eliminate spambots.

Please contact Adam on 0418 333 718 if you have any questions.
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